Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Kahles Rifle Scopes

KAHLES, the rifle scope pioneer since 1898, is the premium producer of rifle scopes and binoculars on the international market. Established in 1898, making it the oldest scope producer in the world still in existence. Backed by a wealth of tradition and famous worldwide for its pioneering spirit and exceptional quality, rifle scopes and binoculars that combine precision with best possible operation and timeless design are made in Guntramsdorf near Vienna. 
Never miss THE MOMENT! We are aware that every shooter and observer requires a very clear image through an easy-to-use and absolutely reliable product in order to evaluate the situation the best way possible. With this defined goal in mind we develop and manufacture rugged, high quality optical products that allow users precise targeting and observation at the crucial moment. Our history and our passion for innovation make us strong. Based on the KAHLES organizational culture, in which engineering, quality consciousness, the preservation of know-how within the company and ensuring production and job quality are core values, we produce high class products for shooters and observers. A sustainable and modern production facility in Austria, which is heated and cooled completely without fossil fuels and works exclusively with renewable energy was built for a sustainable and environmentally friendly production on the pulse of time.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Nightforce Rifle Scopes.

Why is the most advanced rifle scope on the market today called the B.E.A.S.T.™? It has nothing to do with size, weight, or appearance. Our engineers were asked to do what was thought impossible…to create a rifle scope the likes of which had never been built before. To invent radical new technologies that solve old problems inherent to competitor’s products. And to include capabilities and features that for years had been nothing but pipe dreams. Cut no corners, they were told. Not on materials, on quality, on workmanship, on durability. Conceive the ultimate rifle scope, we asked them. Then build it. It was a challenge so demanding, so taxing, at times so overwhelming, that the concept became known as “a beast,” both for the difficulties it presented and for the times when it seemed they had created a monster. When they succeeded, and it came time to give the newest Nightforce rifle scope a name, nothing else seemed appropriate. “But we can’t call a rifle scope a ‘”beast,’” some folks said. What does that stand for? What will customers think? They’ll think it stands for “Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology.” Because that’s what it is.

Hensoldt Rifle Scopes

Today Carl Zeiss binoculars, rifle scopes and spotting scopes are well respected around the world. But sports optics is just one small facet of what is a huge organization. Zeiss is also heavily involved in manufacturing precision components for the medical, semi-conductor and other fields. One of these other fields is the military and LE market. Products for this specialized market are now designed and built by the Carl Zeiss Optronics division and marketed under the Hensoldt label. Now, the name Hensoldt is much more than just an old and respected name pimped for commercial gain. Hensoldt and Carl Zeiss have long ties dating back decades. Hensoldt itself was founded in 1852 by Moritz Carl Hensoldt and was originally an energetic competitor of Carl Zeiss. Out of the box the Hensoldt, is a most impressive looking piece of military hardware. Beautifully made with sinister good looks, its Teutonic military heritage is unmistakable. In the hand there is no doubt to its intended purpose.

Leupold Rifle Scopes

Optical Quality A scope’s optical quality is just as important as its ruggedness. Lens glass is carefully chosen based on its function within the scope and its ability to meet the optical requirements specified by optical engineers. Glass is carefully cut and polished to remove any scratches or inclusions that could interfere with the clean passage of light through the lens. Special multicoatings (layers of metallic compounds that increase light transmission) are applied to maximize light transference and clarity. The result is unsurpassed clarity and brightness, even when conditions are far from ideal. Today it is much easier to spot the difference between a tan game coat and brown underbrush than it was even a generation ago. Of course, lenses are only part of the optical equation. Glare is the enemy of light management, and it’s a difficult element to master. Extensive internal blackening of components, (including lens edges in some cutting-edge rifle scopes, coupled with intensive grooving of the inside of the scope tube itself, causes light to be channeled properly through the scope. These treatments reduce the incidence of stray light bouncing around within the scope body to ruin image quality.

Schmidt & Bender Rifle Scopes

Schmidt & Bender is a synonym for quality and precision, for tradition and innovation. As early as 1957 the family business engaged in the development, production and optimization of rifle scopes that always meet the ever increasing requirements in this segment. Since that time a great amount of passion, ingenuity and a strong awareness for quality, together with a close and successful cooperation with the shooters have always contributed towards accomplishing that goal. Thus Schmidt & Bender has become one of the leading suppliers of precision scopes in the world. Schmidt & Bender. Founder & Forerunner. Hunting & Fascination. Quality & Precision. Tradition & Innovation. Synonyms for a company supplying high-quality hunting scopes on a global scale. Something which today may sound rather natural must be attributed in the first place to the hard work and zeal of the two founders who launched their "Project Passion" in 1957. In that enterprise the initial rather poor means in terms of the available materials did not impede precision mechanic Helmut Schmidt and master precision engineer Helmut Bender in any way. Quite the opposite: employing a considerable portion of heart and soul as well as a lot of ingenuity and the utmost skills of their craft they laid the foundation for the path they pursued to become the world's top scope suppliers – among which the company ranks today.

Steiner Rifle Scopes

For Steiner, superb performance and bone-deep tenacity was born in the ruin of war. In 1947, in the face of demolished infrastructures and a collapsed economy, Karl Steiner started a one-man workshop in Bayreuth, Germany, obsessed with a single goal: creating optical products so functional, sturdy and uniformly flawless that nothing in the chaotic, mass-production post-war world could compare. His passion for unmatched optical perfection pushed Steiner-Optik from a hardscrabble startup to a 50-man factory within six years, and on to become a worldwide optical icon with binoculars and rifle scopes for every purpose, a history of innovation, and legions of diehard enthusiasts in every category.
These premium German optics are now available in 65 countries, prized by sportsmen and spectators, birders and mariners, aviators and explorers, and deployed by security and military forces around the globe. The research, development and production site in Bayreuth is arguably the most advanced optical facility on earth. Steiner world-class lenses, coatings and prisms are created, perfected and produced in Germany, enduring the most exhaustive production, inspection, testing and approval process in the industry – lenses alone go through 460 exacting steps. Finished lenses, crafted and uniquely multi-coated for specific purposes, are assembled into specialized binoculars and riflescopes, then inspected, tested and approved again. Once past final inspection, each and every Steiner optic provides the most reliable, accurate and satisfying viewing experience in its category, bar none, period.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Carl Zeiss rifle scopes.

VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60 The long-range revolution The benchmark in the VICTORY V8 line. 35x magnification combined with the BDC Competition bullet drop compensator stands for ultimate long-distance shot excellence. The smallest targets appear highly detailed and and so close that you can touch them. Sensational 92 % light transmission and the unique 60 mm lens provide the necessary brightness to enable accurate long-range shots even at high magnification in darkness. A large exit pupil facilitates fast target acquisition as soon as the weapon is raised. The optical system on the VICTORY V8 impresses with maximum detail rendition thanks to its combination of HT and FL concepts, and also comes standard with parallax compensation. The latest VICTORY V8 from ZEISS therefore unites the properties of the most flexible riflescope on the market with those of a spotting scope. Another highlight is the finest illuminated dot in the world that features subtension the size of a two cent coin at a distance of 1.000 m. In short, it is the most powerful rifle scope from ZEISS